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Herzberg’s Theory

For sure Job characteristics model provides details on how a given job can be designed to ensure employee satisfaction. The fact that it is based on an individual character has made the model critical to employers in the organization. It is because managers can understand their employees in different aspect through this model. Aligning Herzberg’s motivators with job characteristic is essential because job enlargement, responsibility, and growth can influence employee’s performance regarding their personalities (Herzberg, 2012). But again, job characteristic and job enrichment cannot be a solution towards motivating employees. It is because some employees prefer financial rewards as a motivational factor. I would recommend if hygiene factors like working condition to be aligned with job characteristic model.

I agree with you, about Herzberg’s theory of motivating employees that are based on factors, this is because money which is a financial reward is a very critical motivator for any employee. Job characteristics approach in most cases take a different perspective compared to factors and instead relate them to the outcome. The better result, in this case, is what is required from the employee. Herzberg also explains in detail psychological condition in which employees should be held responsible for the work they are performing (Herzberg, 2012). This means there is increased responsibility for all employees and it can result in advancement and growth of employee. I also partially disagree with Herzberg that factors like supervision, working condition, relationship between employees and their peers can lead to job dissatisfaction. The reason I disagree with him is that it depends on how these factors are being used, for instance, if there is strict supervision it is more likely to lead to job dissatisfaction but not necessarily general supervision.


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