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Doha Pano for Hotel Marketing

In the present times, when information is available on one’s fingertips, a regular traveler uses the Internet to find the perfect spot for spending the vacations or carrying out official business trips. The competition between companies offering vacation rental packages has skyrocketed with the arrival of VRBO, Airbnb, and similar companies. Despite the immense options available online for vacation rentals, visiting the actual hotels still, have the edge over online alternatives. On-site visits allow customers to check out the facilities and have firsthand experience of the hotel’s services.
Despite focusing on arranging for the perfect and peaceful stay for the clients, it is important for hotels also to ensure that they have a sound setup of making profits and achieving the overall system efficiency. So the key to hoteling success lies in the luring of the potential clients. And this can be done by having a reliable and effective mean of advertising the hotel itself and its services. For this, it is important to have an interactive visual system to showcase the resort or hotel itself. So considering the hoteling market and technological requirements of the time, we are offering an innovative solution to our customers.

Using the virtual tours, property’s interior and aerial photography services, a hotel can offer its potential international clients, to visit and even check into their hotels. The clients get to experience the hotel’s services virtually from their computers irrespective of where they might be in the world. They can choose from the areas showcased and walk through the hotel lobbies and rooms without actually being in your hotel. This, in turn, will cause the potential clients to build an affinity towards the showcased hotel. By developing such a relationship, as customers already acquire a sense of knowingness of the place and the living experience it offers. From this acquaintance, a hotel can raise its chances of being chosen from the available options.

The hoteling industry does not merely make business by providing a high-end accommodation setup. It is also immensely affected by the hospitality of the staff and the quality of the offered services. But none of these are as important as initially attracting potential customers and then converting them into loyal clients. Doha Pano’s services of 360 virtual tours and aerial photography are not intended for merely marketing purposes. They aim to acquire the trust of potential clients, which is highly important for repeat business. The customers will be aware of exactly what they are spending their money for.

Doha Pano’s Virtual Tour service can offer to showcase your hotel to the prospective clients, offering them a chance to have an interactive and almost real experience of your hotel’s environment. By availing our service, you will invest your time and money on the most important asset of your business, i.e., the customers.

Doha Pano for Real Estate Marketing

Realtors invest a lot of time, energy and expenses to lure in buyers that may be willing to pay for the marketed property price. Realtors face a lot of hassle meeting the demands of homeowners, which at times keep changing. Doha Pano’s virtual tour service can prove to be a blessing for the realtors. The company offers high-tech virtual tour and aerial photography services, which are the ultimate marketing tools for developing property value and minimizing the time of property on the market. Renowned and reliable realtors from all across the nation are regular clients of Doha Pano for fulfilling their property photography requirements. With our company’s services, the access to potential buyers looking for property online can be increased immensely.
According to the findings of National Association of Realtors, nearly 90% of the potential property buyers use apps and real estate marketing tools to find them their dream house. The high percentage indicates the importance of advertising your property online. The convenient and handy marketing tools such as virtual tours and aerial photography can make the marketing process highly convenient and your property information highly accessible.

One of the most arduous tasks of a realtor agent is managing the client’s on-site viewings. Arranging for visits that coincide with the client’s schedule and creating time from your day to show one property after another, can be a tedious job. Through Doha Pano’s 360 virtual tours, the potential buyers can virtually walk through the property before the actual visits. This develops a sense of already having a relationship with it. This association will eventually create a position for your property high in order in their potential property lists. The high-quality virtual tour and aerial photography services Doha Pano offers will make your property stand out from the rest.

The up-to-date technological online marketing tools can extend the exposure of a marketed property to potential buyers worldwide. This wide range accessibility creates an opportunity for the realtors to receive high-quality bids, especially from the foreign town buyers. The virtual tours, property photography and aerial photos can help speed up the bidding and buying process. Having the facility of a virtual walkthrough, the buyers are helped in making informed decisions.

One of the reasons why the residential and commercial property realtors seek our real estate photography services on a daily basis is that our technology allows capturing the firsthand experience in the form of a continuous video which a photo cannot provide. This, in turn, allows the potential buyers to explore the property and understand it better. The experience would be somewhat similar to how a person would see in an on-site visit. Virtual tours can also give the potential buyers to visualize themselves in their homes. Since the virtual tour facility is available round the clock; realtors can devise tactics for future before the visits, thus lowering the deal closing time.

The benefit of Doha Pano’s virtual tour and aerial photography service goes beyond merely providing a platform to the potential buyers to walk through the properties, at their comfort. It also helps build a real estate’s online presence. The longer duration visits and the higher number of views of the website, contribute towards driving in more people to your realtor services. With time, once the website is optimized, people may easily locate your online profile through search engines.

Doha Pano for Auto Dealership Marketing

The success of an auto dealership goes beyond merely delivering high-quality customer experiences. Almost all auto dealers do that, and yet not all succeed. This is because the buyers today have a basic knowledge of Internet usage, so they are well-informed and hold a certain of level of expectation of deals they would get for their cars of choice and the place they would purchase it from.
As a manager of an auto dealership, as your efforts are focused on making profits, managing resources for business growth and quality of inventory, the marketing aspect of the business may get neglected. The dealership may not have an effective marketing tactic or advertisement technique.

Doha Pano’s virtual tours and aerial photography service can help fill this void. Through its 360 tour service and drone videos, your car dealership can be displayed online, and the reach of your business can be made worldwide. With the online service being available round the clock, the sale numbers for the dealership are bound to rise.

Doha Pano’s virtual tours and aerial photography services can give any auto dealer’s marketing strategy an edge over the competition. This is because these services allow showcasing a dealership’s inventory using two styles of virtual tours; a virtual walkthrough style and a bird’s eye view style.

The trend of consumers following commercials on television and radio is somewhat relinquishing. So the question arises as to why spend a large sum of marketing budget in a medium that is becoming obsolete. Through Doha Pano’s virtual tour and photographic services, large numbers of potential clients can be drawn towards your shop prior to even contacting with a salesperson.
Doha Pano uses modern photography equipment and techniques to showcase your new and old inventory items as well as your services. By offering a comprehensive, customizable online shopping experience, the new customers are attracted to make a purchase while the existing ones are converted into loyal customers. Doha Pano’s services allow the buyers to have access to consumer reviews and reports, guides, Carfax, etc. The users can research their dream car without having to worry about its cost and quality.

So, by adopting Dona Pano’s virtual tour and aerial photography services, you get a chance to provide your customers with a convenient shopping experience that eventually gains their trust.

Doha Pano for Restaurant Marketing

As the restaurant industry makes profits from the sidelines of food and beverages, the highest threat to the business is empty tables. A good marketing strategy can keep driving in customers. But as an owner of a busy restaurant, that services around thousand customers daily on average, you are consumed in the daily management of staff (keeping them focused and motivated to perform well) and tending to the customer’s needs (to ensure they get the best food and service and leave your restaurant satisfied). After all, the reputation of a restaurant is established through word of mouth. So taking on another task of managing the marketing aspect of your business will become too tiring. But the marketing aspect cannot be ignored.

With Doha Pano’s virtual tours and aerial photography, you have the solution to avoid the empty tables situation. With our services, you can showcase your restaurant’s mouth-watering food, its dining halls, decorations, services, its aesthetics, gardens, location, and atmosphere in an almost real and compelling way, that customers will keep pouring in through your restaurant door.
People look for places to host social, corporate and private events such as birthdays, graduations, promotions, engagements, farewells, etc. In case, the restaurant plans to host such events, the Doha Pano’s 360 virtual tour and aerial photography will serve as an effective tool to meet the needs of both the restaurant and the customers. Restaurant management will not have to schedule visit for customers to check the site. While the potential customers can get an idea of the internal/external restaurant space virtually and easily decide if they can use the restaurant space for their events.

Doha Pano’s 360 virtual tours go beyond what meets the eye!
Some extra features that can be added to the virtual tour are as follows:
Post a video to express the desired welcome verbal or visual message
Panels to advertise deals, packages for special occasions, days, etc.
Add links to social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Besides vouching for a memorable virtual experience for the customer, the high definition quality photos gallery will further strengthen the restaurant’s online presence. This, in turn, would increase the number of website viewings and the duration of website visits, which are two important factors to score high in search engines. Listing on top in search results is also a major source to drive in customers for the restaurant.

Doha Pano for Institute Marketing

For schools, colleges, and university, during the admission time, information needs to be presented on the official website. This can be a rather daunting task. The information includes the available facilities on campus, the classrooms and the dorms, housing units, the student body, the exciting events, sports and other extracurricular activities. Crafting the exact environment and student spirit through pictures and text is impossible.

The need to depict a picture that truly reflects the university spirit is even more pressing when the new admissions involve international or foreign students. These students mostly select universities based on the information from the official university website because they lack the visa or traveling fee to visit the universities of choice before admission.
For an institute, it is important to engage and enroll good quality students. So it is important to present the unique features of your university and inspire the students. Doha Pano’s virtual tours and aerial photography can be effectively used to represent the actual university life that the students can virtually experience from around the globe.

Doha Pano’s virtual tours and aerial photography services on campus provide the following features:
It allows students enrolling from foreign countries to virtually be able to sit in a classroom, feel the size of the dorm, check out the facilities in labs, etc.
It links the different types of multimedia covering different aspects of the life on campus, e.g., photos of the library, virtual reality of labs, video review of existing student, etc.
It can place web controls on the library depictions and reveal research from university database when clicked.
It captures and presents detailed and unique shots of the campus from various angles and perspectives.
In the present times, the younger generation relies heavily on the ease of accessibility that mobile technology has brought with it. As Doha Pano’s virtual tours work the same on all platforms, it is the need of the time. Being on online service, it is accessible by student round the clock from anywhere in the world.
Even though the virtual tours, campus, and aerial photography are a close depiction of the campus, it still is not the actual experience. But it has been observed that these services have convinced students to actually travel to respective campuses to check out the first-hand experience.

Doha Pano’s virtual tours, campus, and aerial photography do more than just create a virtual depiction of the campus environment. It gives an institute a web presence. In time, the number of views and the duration of student visit contribute towards giving the website a ranking in the search engine. The higher the ranking, the better the chance of alumni and new students finding the website in online searches.

Doha Pano for Museum Marketing

Most of the museum curators would second the fact that the spirit of a museum lies in the effectiveness of the story narrated for an exhibit. So to correctly represent a museum experience, the developers have to represent the human senses of touch, sight, sound, taste and at times, the smell. By taking input from the actual young and old museum visitors, volunteering to participate in imagining the interactions, an effective virtual tour for a museum can be created.

Museum experience is incomplete without the intriguing details and descriptions the museum staff provides along the visit. The underlying objective of a museum is to engage people’s imaginations and respond to an exhibit through their senses.

Doha Pano’s virtual tour service allows the museums to provide their viewers with a 360 virtual walkthrough of their museum. In these walkthroughs, the viewers have access to a subset of the artifacts and galleries. The virtual environment is designed in a way to stimulate the human senses that are affected in an actual visit. The viewers can have these virtual tours from the comfort of their home.

Doha Pano can help you capture your viewers’ imagination and add soul to your museum’s stories through its high-quality virtual tours, museum and aerial photography services.

About Doha Pano

Doha Pano utilizes its expertise in the niche of 360 Virtual Reality to help promote brands while keeping the viewers engaged and entertained in a 360 interactive environment. Our 360 services include virtual tours, aerial/drone photography, spherical photography, interior photography, and panoramas. Over the years, due to our reputation earned through consistency in quality and innovation in the niche of 360 virtual tours, we have landed some renowned clients and memorable projects. Some of our clients include Apple, The BBC, Jaguar, Queen, The Bank of England, Land Rover and 10 Downing Street.

Doha Pano Media and Advertising – A Snapshot

In the niche of 360 Virtual Reality, Doha Pano is a renowned organization. We aim to provide our clients with unparalleled 360 services. Our services include virtual tours, interior and aerial (drone) photography, spherical photography, and panoramas. Our team comprises a group of trained and certified photographers. We have state-of-the-art hardware and software tools and equipment to provide the best quality services to our clients. Because compromising on the product’s quality is never an option for us. Doha Pano is an award winner for the “Best Micro-Based Business 2017” and is Google Street View Trusted. Our reputation in the 360 market has earned us some renowned clients such as Apple, Land Rover, Jaguar, Queen, etc.
Following are a few features that set us apart from our competitors.

We’re photographers

Most of the virtual tours are created by teams of technical people, with cameras. Our team is separate from them because we are a group of photographers working together. The difference in our work and that from the competitor is visible from the level of detail captured in our 360 images.


We are proud to state that some of our big clients are still using the 360 images we captured for them almost a decade ago. The work still looks artistic.

Our Experience

We have completed over 1000 virtual tour and photography projects. With 100% client satisfaction rates. Needless to say, Doha Pano has the required infrastructure to meet the needs of clients. We have the dedicated technology and man-power that makes delivering extensive 360 projects within the client’s budget and on time.

Excellent value

We may not be the cheapest option from the market. But we give you work of value. The quality of the work we deliver will feel fresh and new for the upcoming several years. This makes us the most affordable option in the market.

Technical Soundness

Being a group of photographers doesn’t mean, we may be deficient in the technical knowledge. We strive to deliver to clients the best virtual tours using the latest technological advancements. Our virtual tours provide engaging cross-platform interfaces that viewers cannot resist to experience.

We’re flexible

If you require flexibility in your shots, for instance, they should depict a specific outdoor weather condition, etc., we have a flexible approach to working. Talk to us, and we may help you.
Effective project management

We have an efficient approach to project management in place that every project undergoes from start to finish. The progress is transparent to the client. The dedication and round the clock availability of our producer ensures that we always have all the required resources to shoot, produce and deliver everything on schedule.

Sectors We Cover

We deliver 360 virtual tours for a wide range of subjects that includes locations (such as buildings, hotels, landmarks, homes, theaters, museums, art galleries, vineyards, distilleries, opera houses, etc.), means of transport (such as cars, motorbikes, boats, yachts, trains, etc.), institutions (such as universities, student/faculty accommodation, hospitals, health care centers, health clubs, etc.) and sports (such as clubs, swimming pools, gyms).

We have helped clients from a wide range of work sectors. So, if you are in search of a solution to boost the bookings of your hotel/resort/restaurant, or increase the applications for your training institute/school/university, or showcase your art gallery/museum/retail-site/business, or market your residential/commercial properties or add creativity to your existing projects, Doha Panos virtual tours can help you. Or if you like watching people hanging upside down with cameras, then Doha Pano is your best choice.

Google Street View

Using Google street view, when a potential customer types your business name to search, he can even view the inside of your building premises.

Increase Visit Numbers and Duration

Google offers 360 virtual tours of HD quality to showcase a business. These tours are directly available from Google, the world’s most widely used search engine.
The level of customer interest in a business doubles for those that use Google virtual tours. On an average, a 360 virtual tour is viewed over 174,000 times annually, and the average viewing/interaction duration is 1 minute and 1 second.

Attract Customers from Everywhere

One of the top reason people give for not trying a new venue is the lack of confidence they have after seeing the photograph’s depicting the business profile. With Doha Pano’s virtual tours and 360 photography, you can ensure that your business will become prominent and engage customers. Our services work for all devices.

VR Compatibility Guaranteed

Doha Pano’s tours are fully virtual reality compatible and can be utilized by Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear. Virtual reality is an effective marketing tool to showcase one’s business and attract customers, especially on exhibitions.
Doha Pano’s virtual tours come embedded with virtual reality so that you can have the marketing tool for free.

360 Virtual Tours

Often times, our clients have very specific and detailed requirements. So far, our virtual tour services have met all clients’ requirements to the minutest of detail.

Effective Designs

Our virtual tour interfaces are sharp and vibrant. The smooth scrolls, simple and tidy design are easy to navigate. With time we have created tons features, to be able to customize the 360 interface according to your needs.

Smooth Integration

Adding virtual tours to your website or social media sites are as easy as pasting of a link. Since the format is supported, the virtual tour gets embedded as such. These links can also be used for live viewing.

As our virtual tours are cross-platform, they can work on every browser and device without requiring any additional hardware or software installations.

The Workings

A great virtual reality experience is led by two factors; high-quality photography and well-designed user interface. And we are the experts in delivering both. Our high definition resolution capturing devices provide a full-color range with no compression techniques, and our user experience and interface (UX/UI) features ensure that only high-quality, useful and engaging content is produced.

360 Video Production

360 videos are considered the best tool to engage viewers. Being in the center of a visually stimulating real world or a graphically created environment leaves an impact on a viewer. With popular media sites, such as YouTube and Facebook, supporting the 360 format, the videos can reach millions of potential business customers.
Interactive videos are being used by International brands, industries such as sports, traveling and entertainment, the corporate world, etc.
As the video format is supported in smart phones, the virtual reality content can easily reach over two billion viewers.

Covering Everywhere

360 videos use dynamic motion. Having presented thousands of demos, we know that people do not merely want to watch thing happening in front of them, they want to experience it. So to create the motion effect in a static environment, we use drones, cable cameras, and remote-controlled dolly systems.

We can proudly claim to be the rigging experts. Whether it be a boat, a racing car, an athlete, a helicopter or a plane, or even underwater, we have the equipment, skill, experience and the knowledge to get a 360 footage of it all.

Why Choose Us?

We have over a decade’s experience in 360 photography. We have been producing 360 live actions for over four years now. So, with over 15 years of experience, we have become experts in the two crucial aspects of virtual reality, i.e. capturing and storytelling.

Alongside this expertise, we have a proven production system that has always made us deliver the results within the set time and budget, and with 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial Photography
Photography Matters
Customer Satisfaction

We showcase your business to customers, exactly as you desire while acquiring perfection.

We are confident enough in our experience, skills, and technology, to guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Our photographs bring the essence of your business or brand to life. Deep down each picture aims to capture people’s attention, contribute towards brand building and ultimately to sell more.

Why we are Special?

Every image we capture aims to promote some aspect of your business or brand. Having shot over 2500 photographs, we can claim of possessing the required equipment and experience to know precisely how to capture and express an idea in one shot.

Corporate Videos

Doha Pano knows how to express ideas. You can choose the idea and story; our job will be to express it creatively and effectively.

Effective Idea Presentation

When one picture is worth thousands of words, imagine what impact a video could have on advertising an idea. You can use videos to promote your business or its products.

Boost Margin for Profits

Generally, the use of videos to share the message or idea has a higher conversion rate in contrast to the textual alternative. A video conveys the message in a matter of seconds, which is what a customer, browsing the Internet, has. By expecting descriptive pages to grab readers’ attention, you can end up in losing potential clients.

Cost Effective

Doha Pano offers flexible and competitive cost packages for the virtual tours and aerial photography services. A customer has the option to choose from the available video styles, photography, etc. The package that best meets the needs and budget can be selected.

Aerial Photography

Doha Pano owns state-of-the-art drones which are capable of capturing the best drone shots in the market. Our team of certified photographers is technically trained and have the required knowledge and skills to handle drones carefully and precisely.

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