How to Write Dissertation Hypothesis

Any research starts with a question. When we deal with such in-depth investigations as for a dissertation, that question should turn into the dissertation hypothesis – the cornerstone of the work. Before planning our examination, we have to know what variables we want to test, what exactly we are looking for and why. We need our hypothesis. 

What is hypothesis in dissertation? It is the assumption based on some available information and the variables you support. Then, you conduct new research to prove or disprove that assumption. Any thesis must indeed be grounded on at least one such guess. 

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Start Dissertation Hypothesis With Defining the Criteria 

As we already mentioned, a dissertation hypothesis is not any question or assumption. You need to test two or more variables. It is an integral element of scientific research to have variables. Therefore, it must match the scientific criteria and possess three mandatory attributes: 

  • Specificity. This assumption must clearly describe the condition varianbles (who or what acts in the specific situation) and the expected outcome. Let’s take the statement “employees working remotely demonstrate a higher level of loyalty to their companies.” Here, we can see the parties (employees and the company) and the assumed outcome (an increase in loyalty). 
  • Testability. There must be a way to test the statement and collect the information that will support it. The simplest pattern is – if we perform some action, we expect to get a certain result. The statement above is testable. We can interview a variable group of remote workers regarding their loyalty to their employers and compare their answers to the information obtained from those employees working in the office. This way, we’ll get the data to prove our assumption. 
  • Falsifiability. The researcher must be able to disprove the assumption as well. Let’s get back to our previous guess. The information we’ll collect can prove that the higher loyalty of remote workers is false, and they quit as frequently or even more frequently as the office workers. Thus, the statement matches all three criteria. 

Of course, our dissertation hypothesis help is not limited to defining the necessary conditions for that assumption to be accepted. Now we can understand how to develop it to include in the thesis paper. 

Dissertation Hypothesis Needs to Be Started with the  Research 

The way you articulate the hypothesis in dissertation is the foundation of the research. The statement defines which areas you have to appeal to, what will be your variable groups, which information you need to collect, and which outcomes you expect. 

  • Start with a specific question. Note that you should be able to answer it by doing feasible research. Are remote workers more loyal to their employers than office workers? 
  • Do preliminary investigations. Our expectation must rely on the information that is already known. You may search for any previous studies on the same topic. Pay attention to the variables examined by your predecessors and consider their value. 
  • Form the educated guess. With your initial research question and some basic data collected from studies on the same topics, you can now formulate your presupposition (who and what variable involved). Define the groups you will study, the variables (conditions), and the outcome. Apply the basic IF…THEN logic to determine your variables. After that, check if the dissertation hypothesis matches the criteria described earlier.  
  • Create the null hypothesis. This element is mandatory for any research that suggests collecting stats data. The essence of this statement is rejecting any correlation between the conditions and outcomes. 

The null hypothesis: Remote working mode does not impact the employees’ loyalty to the employer. 

The expectation: Remote working mode has a positive effect on the employees’ loyalty to the employer. 

Now we have the thesis statement to start the research and either to prove or disprove it. Or, you can turn to the dissertation writing service and forward that hypothesis to the expert researchers and writers to help you. 

Where to Write Dissertation Hypothesis – the Required Location 

The default location for where to write hypothesis in dissertation is the beginning of the paper. An article would include this statement in the first several paragraphs. A thesis paper will present the hypothesis in the introduction part. This claim will explain to the readers what you investigate and what you want to prove. Preparing a valid, grounded assumption that matches the scientific criteria is another proof of you being a decent researcher.

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